Wiles Eye Center is dedicated to helping improve the vision of our patients by providing a wide range of eye care services in Kansas City, MO and St. Joseph, including cataract surgery in St. Joseph and Kansas City. Additionally, the talented vision care specialists at Wiles Eye Center offer a range of other treatments, as well as, options for glasses and contact lens prescriptions. Before performing any treatment, we conduct thorough consultations with our patients in order to evaluate their eye health, refractive errors and recommend the most suitable treatments. This thoughtful approach allows Wiles Eye Center’s vision care specialists to consistently deliver highly-rewarding treatment results.

To learn more about the vision care services offered at Wiles Eye Center, please explore the pages listed below:

Eye Care Services in Kansas City, MO & St. Joseph

If you would like to make an appointment for one of our eye care services the Northland area, schedule a comprehensive eye exam and/or learn which treatments can help you improve your vision, contact Wiles Eye Center in Kansas City, MO today. Dr. Stephen Wiles, Dr. Erin Gilliland, or Dr. Rachel Tischinski will be happy to help you determine your best treatment options and answer any questions you might have.