Aging EyesPresbyopia Treatment

The experienced team at Wiles Eye Center is dedicated to helping older patients restore clear vision by treating a variety of problems, including presbyopia. They combine state-of-the-art equipment with extraordinary experience to give Kansas City people with presbyopia customized eye care solutions.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process. It develops when the natural crystalline lens inside a person’s eye loses elasticity and stiffens the focusing reflex. This makes it difficult to adjust the focus from far away to close objects or anywhere in between. Focusing may slow down or just be impossible. Sometimes presbyopia patients feel like the vision gets “stuck,” particularly while trying to read at a closer distance. Most people in their 40s or 50s experience blurred vision due to presbyopia even if they never had vision problems in the past.
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Presbyopia Symptoms

You may have presbyopia if you:

  • Have difficulty reading fine print
  • Suffer from eyestrain after prolonged reading periods
  • Experience blurred vision while transitioning from objects at different distances
  • Have difficulty focusing in low light conditions

Presbyopia affects nearly every person at some point during their lifetime. However, this condition can be treated successfully with eyeglasses, contact lenses or IOLs.

Presbyopia Treatment at Wiles Eye Center

Wiles Eye Center offers the most comprehensive presbyopia treatments. Bifocal, trifocal or “no-line” progressive lenses are frequently used in eyeglasses to successfully compensate for presbyopia. Similarly, contact lenses are effective in many patients. For a more permanent correction, patients can choose refractive lens exchange (RLE) where the surgeon is able to replace the ineffective, aging natural lens with a new, intraocular lens (IOL), which restores visual acuity and allows patients to see clearly up close, far away and in between. Wiles Eye Center uses the Crystalens HD, ReSTOR Multifocal and Tecnis Multifocal IOLs for this purpose. More than 95 percent of our Kansas City and St. Joseph presbyopia patients show improvement in their vision with these state-of-the-art IOLs.
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Wiles Eye Center strives to improve vision for patients of all budgets. We offer a variety of financing options to help treat patients with the latest technologies at affordable prices. Contact our office today to schedule an eye exam and learn how you can achieve renewed vision. We have partnered with care credit to make financing options easy for our patients. We also accept most major insurance providers.

The doctors at Wiles Eye Center are renowned as some of the most accomplished Kansas City eye care specialists – Stephen Wiles, MD, Erin Gilliland, MD, and Rachel Tischinski, OD. They also specialize in helping cataract patients restore clear vision through advanced cataract treatments, such as premium IOLs cataract surgery.