Interested in getting LASIK in Kansas City, MO? Find yourself wondering where to find “LASIK surgery near me”? At Wiles Eye Center we provide outstanding care at affordable prices, in two convenient Northland locations. We understand that some patients may want a more permanent solution for vision correction than prescription glasses or contacts.

Our highly-skilled ophthalmologists use leading-edge technologies to help our LASIK patients achieve rewarding vision correction results. In fact, we boast a 99% satisfaction rate for our LASIK surgery patients. Contact us today, and experience the gold standard of personalized patient care at our premier centers.

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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

Laser eye surgery is a corrective surgery for a variety of vision defects, including myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. LASIK and other laser eye surgeries often completely eliminate the need for prescription correction and provide permanent solutions through affordable, painless procedures.
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How Does LASIK Work?

The treatment is remarkably fast. After a corneal flap is created, the computer-guided laser emits cool pulses of ultra-violet rays to cleanly and precisely remove a small amount of tissue programmed exactly to your required prescription. A small layer, no thicker than a human hair, is removed to correct the curvature of the front of your eye. The result is dramatically improved clear vision, and the majority of patients are able to drive the next day.

Am I a LASIK Candidate?

Patients are generally eligible for LASIK if:

  • They are over 20 years old.
  • They are in good health. This includes lack of degenerative or autoimmune diseases, as well as absence of any condition that could affect the healing process.
  • They have experienced stable vision for more than one year. In many cases, vision has not stabilized until a patient is at least 20 years old.
  • They are not pregnant.
  • Their vision defect is treatable with LASIK surgery

How is LASIK Treatment Performed?

Wiles Eye Center is proud to offer the latest technology for vision correction and uses state-of-the-art Bausch & Lomb Technolas Perfect Vision technology. We can now treat almost all cases of farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism. After your complimentary LASIK consultation, you will learn we can optimize your results with treatments designed to correct your specific visual disorders. The advanced diagnostics will measure your eyes and, if you qualify for treatment, our doctors will customize a treatment protocol specific to your needs.
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What are the Risks?

Laser vision correction has passed extensive scrutiny from public health agencies, medical professionals, NASA and the armed services. As with all medical procedures, you should discuss any risks associated with laser vision correction with your eye doctor. It is comforting to note that the first patient to ever receive laser vision correction is still seeing 20/20 without complications. Wiles Eye Center has among the best results in the country with the vast majority of patients achieving 20/20 vision. With advanced, custom, wavefront-guided treatments, many patients achieve even better results.

How Much Does LASIK/PRK Cost?

With our current promotion our cost is the same for anyone who is a candidate for the procedure. Please give us a call to get our most up-to-date promotional pricing information. We also offer 0% interest financing if needed.

How can I Find Out if I am a Candidate?

We offer a free consultation to determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction, and if so, which procedure is most appropriate for you. Equally as important, we educate you about whether or not laser vision correction is right for you, and the benefits and risks associated with this type of surgery.

I wear glasses for distance but must take them off to read. Can both problems be corrected with one laser surgery?

Laser vision correction is designed primarily for correcting distance vision and those over 45 would utilize reading glasses to read. However, in many cases intermediate vision (computer) and reading vision can be preserved utilizing monovision or a modification of this technique. This involves using one eye more for near and the other more for distance. I would advise a free consultation to determine which solution would work best for you.

Can I wear contacts up to the time of my consultation?

We advise taking these out 3-5 days prior to your consultation if you wear soft contact lenses. In some cases you may need to take them out longer depending on what kind of contacts you currently wear.

I’ve been told I’m not a candidate before, is there anything I can do?

With the advancements in laser vision correction, we now have the ability to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and even astigmatism. The easiest way to determine if you are a candidate would be to set up a Free Consultation.

Will I be dilated for this exam, and if so, why?

We will dilate your eyes as part of your Free Consultation. This is important for our doctors to help determine if LASIK is right for you, and it will also help our doctors determine a more accurate prescription for you.

How long does the consultation take?

We perform a very comprehensive evaluation to determine if LASIK is the right option for you, and also want to make sure that we answer all of your questions. On average you can expect to be in our office for an hour to an hour and a half.

Will my insurance cover LASIK?

LASIK is considered an elective procedure, and as a result, most insurance plans do not cover LASIK, however some do. Please call our office today to determine if your insurance covers LASIK and someone on our staff will be able to assist you.

Do you offer financing?

We offer financing through Care Credit which has a number of options depending on what your needs are. We do offer some 0% interest options, or we have some extended payment options as well if you are looking for a more affordable payment.

The Wiles Eye Center LASIK Surgery Difference

Laser vision correction has been described as life-changing by patients. Imagine being able to see the alarm clock, watch television, drive or play sports all without glasses or contacts. With natural vision, there’s less to hold you back. You gain new-found freedom to do the things you enjoy most.

All of the refractive surgeons at Wiles Eye Center are among the finest ophthalmologists in the country. They are trained in using the centers’ state-of-the-art technologies, including the advanced wavefront-guided B&L Technolas 217 Z100 Zypotix System. This state-of-the-art platform incorporates several unique features, such as high-frequency 3D eye tracking to help our St. Joseph and Kansas City LASIK surgeons perform highly-customized procedures. The doctors at Wiles Eye Center have been performing vision correction since 1991. Wiles Eye Center also offers Dry Eye treatment for patients suffering from dry eye disease.

Contact us today, and experience the Wiles Eye Center difference.